FSSAI License Registration Renewal

FSSAI License Registration Renewal

To avoid any penalties, it is critical to reinstate the FSSAI license. To avoid penalties, all food business operators (FBOs) must renew their licenses within the time frame specified. Previously, FSSAI license renewal was done via the Food Licensing and Registration System (FLRS). The FSSAI introduced this device as an online platform in 2012.

However, beginning November 1, 2020, this system was replaced by the Food Safety Compliance System (FoSCoS), a more advanced version of the previous software program for food safety compliance requirements. This device uses cutting-edge technology to ensure that complaints are filed on time. The use of the FLRS gadget had a number of limitations. As a result, India’s Food Safety Standards Authority installed a new device with additional capabilities.

The FSSAI License Renewal system is completely online, just like the prior one. It does, however, provide a whole different set of integrated umbrella features than the prior FSSAI device. The process for renewing this type of license is less complicated than it was for the prior device.

FSSAI Basic License- All FBOs with revenue of fewer than 12 lakhs must obtain this license.

FSSAI State License- This license is required for all FBOs with an annual turnover of more than 12 lakhs but less than 20 crores. The needs of the FBO dictate the cost of renewing an FSSAI license.

FSSAI Central License- This license is required for all FBOs with an annual turnover of more than 20 crores. Under the authority’s jurisdiction, all candidates must ensure that the requirements for FSSAI license renewal are met.

The Benefits of Renewing Your FSSAI License:

Consumer confidence will improve. All FBOs that follow the proper procedures may be able to renew their license on time. This will boost ordinary customers’ faith in FBO’s products.

Ensure that you are in compliance. It is possible to achieve compliance by renewing the FSSAI license on time. Noncompliance penalties could no longer be levied at the FBOs.

Enhances the Brand’s Worth The brand’s popularity could rise as a result of this license. Consumers may be aware that the FBO’s license has been renewed.

Opportunities for Diversification Once compliance is completed through FSSAI license renewal, the commercial firm can diversify into different locations. The FBO has the ability to develop new meal items.

International Standards The above-mentioned device’s legal criteria might be followed to maintain international requirements.

How do I renew my FSSAI licence online using FoSCoS (FSSAI License Renewal)?

For FSSAI License Renewal using the FoSCoS device, the following procedure must be followed:

Go to the internet To begin, a current customer must go to the Fssai registration website. The login procedure is used to carry out this renewal method.

Signing In

The applicant must go to the renewal phase after logging into the FoSCoS device and follow the instructions for renewing a new license or registration.

Licenses List

After this stage, the applicant may be given a list of FBO-approved licenses. The applicant must proceed after picking the renewal license.

  • Please keep in mind that the FoSCoS system could only accept renewal applications that were submitted a hundred and twenty days prior to the certificate’s expiration date.
  • If a number of the licences that require renewal aren’t listed on the renewal application, the applicant will need to apply for a new certificate of registration.

FSSAI License Renewal via the FoSCoS Home Page:

  • Go Online First and foremost, an existing customer must visit the FoSCoS website at FSSAI REGISTRATION. This method of renewal can be found on the FoSCoS Home Page. The applicant must click Renewal of License and Registration within the backside proper nook of the FSSAI renewal homepage after visiting it.
  • Fill in the blanks. Before clicking the publish button, the applicant must enter data such as the license/registration number, the date of validity, and the captcha code.
  • B-Form The applicant may be routed to the next page, Form B, where they can enter data and upload files, select the years for licence renewal, and choose the fee method. After that is accomplished, the FSSAI License Renewal utility can be prepared to be processed.
  • Following the completion of the preceding stages, a receipt for the applicant may be generated, together with a fully distinct reference variety. This particular reference number is a 17-digit number that the applicant will be able to utilise in the future.
  • Aside from the aforementioned, the FSSAI licence must require additional files in the form of audit reports, plans, certificates, and other files stating that compliance with the requirements associated with the above device adheres to A declaration made by the Authorized signatory stating that the meals commercial enterprise carried out complies with the Food Safety and Standards Act.

Form A or Form B, signed by the applicant, is required for the renewal of an FSSAI registration/license application. Two photographs of the applicant Current PAN Card of the Executives of the Business Rent Agreement Utility Bills if the applicant owns the premises If the company is a partnership, a copy of the partnership deed must be obtained. List of Food Products and Categories ‘AOA and MOA if the entity is a business Board Responsibilities

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